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The Summer Season is here!
Summer is here and with it comes lots of new updates and changes!


  • *Limited Time* Summer Crates have been added, keys can be bought from the shop or gained from the Blizzard Crate.

  • Blizzard Crates have been added, keys for the Blizzard crate can be gained through the vote crate or from the shop.

  • Summer Sale! 15% off all purchases in our shop!

  • Personalized Chat Colors have been added in-game (/ChatColors). These can be won, traded or bought from the shop.

  • The Wildlands has been reset along with a new claiming system using a golden shovel (/Kit) to protect your builds! Random teleporting is the new way of entering the Wildlands. Use /rtp or /wild.
    Claming does not protect chests. Items should be stored within the Town for safe keeping.

  • A new Auction system has been added to sell your rare items to other players! Use /auction (/auc) in-game.

Thank you all for the support so far and feedback on the updates! Feel free to share the server with anyone you know to help build up this amazing community! Head to our Discord to gain referral rewards for inviting players!

Top Monthly Voter!
Top Monthly Voter rewards for the month of June (1st-30th) are as follows:
1st - 20 Blizzard + 5 Summer Keys
2nd- 18 Blizzard + 3 Summer Keys
3rd - 15 Blizzard + 1 Summer Keys
4th - 12 Blizzard Keys
5th - 10 Blizzard Keys
6th - 8 Blizzard Keys
7th - 6 Blizzard Keys
8th - 4 Blizzard Keys
9th - 2 Blizzard Keys
10th - 1 Blizzard Key

Click here to Vote!
Note: You do not have to be logged in in-game to vote! Vote on your mobile while offline and receive your rewards when you next login! 
Voting is drawn at Midnight GMT+1 on 30th June

Good luck voting! Be sure to vote everyday on all 10 sites to be in with a shot of being in the top 10!
Thank you all for all the support you have shown so far!