We're Live!!!

tomtehtom Owner posted Mar 25, 18

We are extremely excited to announce that Blizzard 3.0 is now released!

Please make sure you are fully aware that this is a brand new custom game mode for Blizzard and we will continue to work on it as you play and progress. Due to this, things will regularly change and develop over time and we are always accepting feedback for improvements or new ideas!

We welcome you all to this unique experience that we have to offer. We hope you enjoy it and get involved! Feel free to ask plenty of questions once you hop in and figure your way around our awesome new city! We will constantly be expanding the Town with new additions so make sure to check the notice boards for new updates!

This game mode is planned to last forever so get comfortable and settle into what we now offer as Blizzard 3.0. We do not place ourselves as a "mini-game network" based on points and KitPvp. Instead we offer a community game mode that is run off of your ideas as a community and brings everyone together to enjoy this unique, personalized experience.

We're now live! Ip: Blizzardnetwork.net

There is a Grand Opening opening sale of 15% off all Donation Ranks in our Shop.


We look forward to welcoming returning members along with newcomers to Blizzard 3.0!
We hope together we will build something unique and enjoyable for everyone moving forward into the future.

Thank you for choosing Blizzard Network.

- The Blizzard Team